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Dec 2009 :
Sole Authorized Sales & Support Partner for Scienomics, France.

Dec 2009 :
Authorized Sales & Support Partner of ChemAxon, Hungary.

Nov 2009 :
Sole Authorized Sales & Support Partner for Toolbox Predictor of Molcode, Estonia

Nov 2009 :
Sole Authorized Sales partner for the supercomputing machines with Quantum Calculations by PQS Chem, USA

Nov 2009 :
Authorized Sales & Support Partner of WaveFunction, USA

June 2009 :
Only Authorized Sales & Support distributor for SimBioSys, Canada.

May 2009 :
Harshad Agencies entered into the market of Computational Software Solutions .

Harhsad Agencies is one of the leading distributors of BASF’s pharmaceutical excipients in India. Our focus on quality and service has enabled us to diversify into re-selling and support of various scientific software solutions. more>>>
Multiple electrostatic isosurfaces to visualize the electrostatic effects of the receptor on the ligand. The yellow-green surface represents a weak attraction energy value for a positively charged group, the red surface highlights a stronger attractive hotspot. The blue surfaces represent positive repulsive binding energy for a positively charged probe, thus ideal for negatively charged ligand groups. The darker blue surfcae highlights the more positive hotspot.
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